We create and conduct personalised, meaningful and memorable wedding ceremonies.

We respect each person as an individual, entitled to their very own beliefs.   We don’t enforce any beliefs or Rules onto anyone regarding what you must have or can’t have in your ceremony, our rules are simple – when it comes to your ceremony, you make your own rules!

Each ceremony we create and conduct is personally written to suit your exact requirements, we help and guide you to create and conduct the perfect ceremony, no matter what your beliefs may be, non-Religious or Religious, Spiritual or non-Spiritual (or even Atheist) we can work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams.

We welcome everyone, and the only rules (besides the requirements of the marriage act) are your own. This allows us to create and conduct personalised, meaningful and sacred ceremonies to suit your very own wishes and beliefs of any kind.

Your very own creative ceremony designer will create the wedding (or other family ceremony) of your dreams, memorable and meaningful – with your very own choice of music and wording – your wedding ceremony at any location and on any day of the week – we can help you to make anything possible!

Don’t wait any longer – you have found the right place!

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