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Getting Married in Ireland
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Getting Married in Ireland

The Marriage Act can be confusing, as it’s very different to the Marriage Act of other countries because it’s much older.  There can be much confusion, especially with regards to the meaning of the term “Civil Ceremony”.

But it’s a matter of understanding the terminology of the Marriage Act which is actually very easy.  Here in Ireland the Marriage Act requires that for a marriage to be considered a legal marriage, the ceremony must be solemnised (witnessed) by an authorised and registered person called a Registered Solemniser.

Solemnisers are Registered through the GRO by the approved organisation which they belong to.  Typically in days of old, these organisations have been Churches and couples had two choices for marriage, a Church or the Registry Office.

The great thing for modern couples getting married in Ireland is there is now a mix of Secular, Interfaith and Mixed Faith organisations and Solemnisers which really gives couples a great choice of the type of marriage ceremony they can have.

Civil Ceremony is probably the most confusing terminology used to describe a legal marriage because it isn’t mentioned in the Marriag Act like it is in Australia.  A Civil Ceremony here in Ireland is another name for a HSE Registry Office marriage, because the job title of the HSE Solemniser is Civil Registrar.

Now this is where it starts to get really confusing for couples in Ireland because anyone can conduct a non-legal wedding ceremony so there are hundreds of Celebrants who are not registered to Solemnise legal marriages.  Many who are incorrectly using the job title of Civil Celebrant.

Are you confused yet?  All you need to remember is a Civil Ceremony in Ireland is a Registry Office Marriage and if you don’t want a Registry Office Marriage or a Church wedding, you must book your own Celebrant/Solemniser from an organisation who believes the ceremony should be designed to suit the couples wishes.

I have some great news, Enchanted Ceremonies is that organisation, you have found the right place!

Who Can Marry You in Ireland ?

Only an Celebrant who is duly authorised by the HSE and listed on the government “Register of Solemnisers” can conduct a legal marriage ceremony in Ireland.

All of our Celebrants are Registered Solemnisers and duly authorised to conduct legal marriage in the Republic of Ireland.

According to the Marriage Act there are 3 types of Marriages:

  • Civil
  • Religious
  • Secular

Enchanted Ceremonies Celebrants & Solemnisers conduct non-Religious ceremonies but have the freedom to include the couples beliefs what ever that may be.  This means you can also have a Humanist style ceremony without any spirituality.  Or a Spiritual Ceremony incorporating elements from any faith, or you can have a Spiritual Ceremony with a Religious feel and mention God, Holy Spirit, The Divine in your ceremony as you wish.

Our ceremonies are conducted in the Earth Spiritualist tradition which means there are no restrictions on the wording or style of your ceremony, your ceremony is not bound by the rules of any Religion.   Which means your ceremony is always created to suit your own wishes and style, whatever that may be.

Where Can You Be Married in Ireland ?

You can be married on land at any place which is generally open to the public “without hindrance” and has an identifiable address, which means it must have a habitable building which is also open to the public and a postal address.

Which means there are certain places which are not permitted, for example you are not permitted to be legally married on a private property, on the water while on a boat, or in the water or underwater, while in the sky either in an aircraft including a hot air balloon, or while parachuting, you must be on dry land.

What is the Legal Process to be Married in Ireland ?

You must lodge a “Notification of Intention to Marry” with the HSE at least 3 months before your wedding date and no more than 12 months before.  This must be done by booking an appointment with your choice of HSE office.

You must print and take with you the Capture of Data Form.  You will find the link to this form at the top right of this page.

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